Online Teaching Plan for International Students Institute for International Education, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies | Spring Semester of 2020

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Online Teaching Plan for International Students

Institute for International Education, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Spring Semester of 2020



1. Duration of Study: From March 23 to July 10, 2020. All exams are supposed to be finished by July 17, 2020.



2. Teaching Mode: Voice PPTPPT with voice instructions and explanations) + Online Interactive Teaching



3. Teaching process:


The teacher will give the Voice PPT or other electronic courses to the students in advance. Students need to learn the content of voice PPT and complete the relevant quiz, which should be submitted to teachers the day before the " Online Interactive Teaching ". If students have problems in the learning process, you can leave a message to the teacher, or you can directly consult the teacher in "Online Interactive Teaching".



"Online Interactive Teaching" adopts the form of video conference, focusing on the key points and difficulties of the course, and answering the questions raised by the students. According to the course situation, "Online Interactive Teaching" will also have dialogue practice, dictation and other teaching links.



Students need to finish the homework assigned by the teachers on time and send it to the teacher according to the requirements of the teachers.



The teacher will adjust the proportion of Voice PPTor other kinds of electronic coursesand "Online Interactive Teaching" according to different types of curriculum needs.



The teaching content of online teaching is consistent with that of face-to-face teaching, which is carried out according to the original curriculum schedule.



The teacher will check the attendance of students according to students ‘studying of voice PPT and electronic courses and also the attendance of "Online Interactive Teaching".



*Note: Due to the variety of course types, the teachers will adjust the form of online teaching according to the needs of the course and the teaching situation.



4. Payment of Tuition Fee:

1) 2020春季学费金额:汉语进修生7500学历生学费不变。


Amount of Tuition Fee for Spring Semester: RMB7,500 for language students, meanwhile, tuition fee for degree students remains unchanged

For New Admitted Students: Tuition fee will be RMB4,700 for those who join classes from May 1, 2020. Tuition fee will be RMB2,600 for those who join classes from June 1, 2020.


2)2) 付款时间:323日至327日为免费试听课程时间,41日至47期间付清学费

Payment time: Free try of lessons is from March 23 to March 27, then from students are supposed to pay off tuition fee during April 1 to April 7, 2020

3) 付款方式:银行转账,请尽量使用中国的银行账户转账。如无,请选择境外人民币汇款。转账后必须把凭证发到邮箱 确认,并必须备注好护照姓名Passport Name ➕国籍Nationality ➕ 2020春季学费 Tuition fee for 2020 Spring Semester" 这项信息。大学银行账户如下:

Payment method: By bank transferring. Please try to use the Chinese bank account to transfer the tuition fee . If not, please choose overseas RMB remittance. After the bank transfer is successfully made, students must send the transfer voucher to email for confirmation, and the information Passport Name and Passport Name ➕ Nationality Nationality ➕ Spring 2020 Tuition Tuition fee for 2020 Spring Semester must be noted. The university bank account is as follows:





账户:740657755443    SWIFT 代码:BKCHCNBJ 400

University Bank Account Information:

Account Name: Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Bank: Bank of China Guangzhou huang shi dong office

Account Number: 740657755443



4) *备注:已在2020春季开始前提前支付了学费的进修生,如2020秋季继续在我校学习,可相应减免学费1100元;如将不再继续学习,我院则会在大学同意学生及教职工返校后尽快处理退费,请与留学生院102招生办的老师保持联系,联系电话。学历生如需申请休学、退学,请联系104教务办公室,联系电话:0086-20


*Note: Language Students who have already paid off the tuition fee before the start of Spring semester of 2020, if they continue their schooling at our university in autumn semester of 2020, we will reduce RMB 1100 from the total amount of the tuition fee. If they will not continue , we will handle the refund as soon as possible after the university allows the students and staff to return back to campus. Please keep in touch with teachers with Admission Office 102, IIE. Contact Number: 0086-20-36207141, Degree students who need to apply for suspension of schooling or quitting should contact Teaching Affair Office 104, IIE. Contact Number: 0086-20-36206282E-mailIIE_GDUFS_104@YEAH.NET.




Institute for International Education, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

March 22, 2020